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What is Santa Browser?

Santa is a Browse2Earn web3 browser, focused on passing ad revenues back to users without any compromise on their privacy. The technology we're building will allow us to serve meaningful ad campaigns without sharing any user data with the outside world.

What is Santa Browser?

A browser built by a passionate team seeking to reimagine browsing. With the Santa eco-system, we aim to redefine the primary vehicle of interaction between people & the internet — a browser.

Why is Santa important for web3?

Let's face it, online advertising today is broken. Ruthless data farming & privacy exploitation is the norm across every major platform out there.

It's time the internet makes a shift. And we plan to help it do just that — by changing the relationship between users & advertising into one that's far more conscious of and beneficial for all parties invovled. Not just the entities in control.

Through Browse2Earn we will be introducing new ad systems & privacy mechanisms that will be geared towards users. Facilitating the passing of ad revenues back to them in the form of Tether USD (USDT) tokens & many other rewards. Bottomline, we intend to build a new age browsing experience that paves the way for the mass-adoption of web3 and crypto.

Is Santa Browser safe to use?

Santa Browser prioritizes user privacy and hosts many features to protect it.

An integrated ad blocker stops all invasive ads, while a tracker blocker stops all online trackers and browser finger printing practices. We are an 'Ungoogled' fork of Chromium, meaning the code has been cleansed of Google trackers, host detectors (tools that identify your IP address) & other privacy-harming features. Santa also disables other features inherent in the base Chromium build that inhibit control and transparency. While adding/modifying features that promote them.

Moreover, we have a lot in development for the near future to enhance Santa's protection with the latest in the cybersecurity space.

Is Santa Open-source?

Not yet, but Santa will be open-source once we have further refined and stabilized the base code.

What are the benefits of using Santa? / What is Santa's USP?

In a nutshell — It's fast. Private. Secure.

Everything we build comes from the intent of creating a jolly good browsing experience. One that prioritizes user experience above all, while giving back control over data & privacy to users.

What milestones have you achieved so far?

We finished 4 months of beta testing and launched our v1.0 on the 25th of December, 2022, for Windows & MacOS.

On 24th May 2023, we released Santa Browser for Android in Early Access. A secret Bug Bounty was announced on release day, driving 1K+ downloads in less than a week.

In its current state, Santa is a fully ungoogled Chromium build without any trackers entrenched within Chrome and most Chromium-based browsers. New updates are regularly being churned out.

Is there a roadmap?

It will be released soon in the near future.

Can I install extensions onto Santa?

Yes. As a fork of Chromium, Santa Browser will be compatible with everything that runs on Chrome. This means most Chrome extensions will work with Santa.

Is there a Santa Community?

Yes, of course. We would be nothing without our community! You can find several pockets of Santa users spread across the internet.

From all the major social media platforms to dedicated channels on Discord & Telegram. Our numbers only grow larger by the day!

Is there a way I can safely and easily import my passwords & bookmarks over?

Yes. This has been available since the v1.0 release for Windows & MacOS. 

Where is my data stored?

User data is stored only in the browser on your device. 

Is there a mobile version?

We released the Android version of Santa Browser on the 24th of May, 2023. The iOS version is currently under development.

Is there an auto-update?

Auto-Update has been fully functional since v1.0 of Santa Browser. If you are running an older version that does not update automatically, please reinstall the latest version by following these simple steps.
• Uninstall the current package on your device
• Install the latest version of Santa Browser (available here)
• Your browser will now update automatically

How does Santa compare to Chrome?

Everything you love about Chrome without everything you hate about it.

Do I have to pay to get ad-free?

There is no paywall to block ads or access any Santa feature. Our users pay no cost - obvious or hidden. Santa Browser is completely free!

Will Santa sell user data to advertisers?

We do not collect any user data and, consequently, do not sell any user data.

Are all ads blocked, or can users allow some or all?

Our adblocker can be configured to block ads entirely or with custom rules you like.

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