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Chromium UI Engineer
Chromium UI Engineer
Job Description
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Santa is looking for experienced web engineers to work on browser UI using JavaScript/Typescript, HTML and CSS with React and some Polymer.

  • Helping to customize the native UI provided by Chromium to add new product features and modify existing features. These UI elements include toolbars, modals, buttons, and more.

  • Implementing back-end browser features, hooking into existing Chromium components, and providing APIs to access those features from web content or other Chromium components.

  • Deliver code which is well tested with high confidence (unit tests, browser tests).

  • Work alongside and learn from our experienced Chromium engineers - helping with peer reviews and helping improve our engineering processes.

  • Expertise with CSS for building UI within web content

  • Proficient using JavaScript/Typescript/Node

  • Knowledge of the importance of various UI accessibility techniques

  • Understanding of performance impact and how both to measure and make improvements

  • Experience with different Javascript UI frameworks such as React, Vue or Svelte. Familiarity with Polymer is a plus.

Bonus points:
  • Proficiency in Objective-C and JavaScript

  • Experience with building mobile apps

  • Working experience with writing Rust

  • Passion for user privacy and security

  • Working experience with Blockchain/web3 projects

  • Experienced in usage of browser performance analyzer tools, experience in performance and footprint optimization for mobile application

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Web3 is an unexplored ocean of novel & inventive technologies.
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